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First People's Relatives
Tenskwatawa - The Prophet
Painter - Charles Bird King c1816-1835
Tecumseh - South Western Ontario
Painter - Anonymous - c 1800
Brothers: The two brothers had an uneasy relationship: Tecumseh, the acknowledged senior, always wanting to find the peaceful, reasoned solution to struggles against the white men of the United States. Tenskwatawa, was the firebrand, quick to anger, quick for the violent actions, fueled by firewater, until he became born again, and preached to fellow tribesmen to change their ways too.
Thayendanegea - Joseph Brant
Painter - George Catlin/Ezra Ames c 1820
Ahyouwaighs - Robert Brant - Chief Six Nations
Painter - Charles Bird King 1820s
Father & Son: Joseph Brant had an enormous reputation among American whites.
Buffalo Bull's Back Fat - Alberta
Painter - George Catlin - c 1800
Chief Peguis wa
François Lucie - Métis Guide, Fort Edmonton
Painter - Paul Kane 1846
Cunnewabum - Métis Girl, Fort Edmonton
Painter - Paul Kane 1846
Maydocgamekinungee - Ojibwa Chief, Fort William
Painter - Paul Kane 1848
Peguis - Red River Colony,
Painter - Anonymous - c 1810
Pee-Too-Kah-Han - Poundmaker,
Painter - Edmund Morris - c 1910
Maw-ge-Ki-zick - Flying Sky
Painter - William Armstrong 1898
Wa-bo-jung - Chief, Gull Lake
Painter - William Armstrong 1898

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