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Art by and about Canada's First Peoples
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Charles Bird King King painted most of the spectacular portraits of Indian chiefs and warriors in the 19th century.
Peter Rindisbacher Rindisbacher went to Canada's Red River Colony and started painting Indians there.
McKenney & Hall McKenney and Hall created a three volume set "The History of the Indian Tribes of North America" which included hand-coloured lithographs.
George Catlin Catlin believed he had a personal mission to paint and record the vanishing civilization of the American Indian.
Norval Morrisseau Morrisseau is Canada's most famous, most original, and its most accomplished First Nations painter. He paints legends and myths of the Eastern Woodlands People.
Paul Kane In the 1840s, Kane traveled the Plains Region and painted the landscapes and the Indians.
Frederick Verner Like Kane, Frederick specialized in painting tranquil scenes of people in harmony with nature with special focus on western, Indian and buffalo themes. He especially painted the Ojibwa people.
Stan Hunt III Hunt is a carver from the Kwakwakw'wakw people who specializes in carvings for use in tribal potlatch ceremonies.
Ellen Neel Ellen was a leading Kwakwakw'wakw carver in the 1950s and 60s.
Charlie James Charlie was a noted Kwakwakw'wakw carver in the early 20th century.

The Surveyor by Paul Kane, the noted painter of western Indians, has the distinction of being the most expensive Canadian painting ever sold.

It went for just over 5 million dollars Canadian.

The inheriting billionaire Ken Thomson bought it and then made a deal with the Art Gallery of Ontario to exchange it in return for a huge tax dollar exemption.

It dates from 1845 when Kane was travelling in Indian country of far western Canada.

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