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Production Credits
Under the auspices of Joan Goldi and John Goldi, independent filmmakers who have created numerous international award-winning safety and educational programs , the “Canada's First Peoples” team is proud to have these highly talented young University graduates who have worked hard to collect and present relevant historical information for this project. They are very excited to be involved in a project that will help preserve some of Canada's history.
Heather Findlay
Project Coordinator
Project Researcher / Writer,

Heather is a graduate of Waterloo University in Business and Science.
Anna Sajecki
Assistant Coordinator,
Project Researcher / Writer,

Anna is a graduate of Journalism at Carleton University.
Melissa Bremer
Web Programmer,
Web Designer

Melissa is a graduate of Ryerson University in Image Arts - New Media.
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This project has been supported by the Canadian Studies Program, Canadian Heritage: the opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of the Government of Canada..

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